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Table 1 Referral criteria of QDU[6]

From: Primary care referrals of patients with potentially serious diseases to the emergency department or a quick diagnosis unit: a cross-sectional retrospective study

Criteria Explanation
Febrile syndrome Fever of unknown origin and temperature ≥ 38 °C for ≥ 14 days
Unintentional weight loss Unaccounted for loss of ≥10% of body weight, anorexia, asthenia for ≥ 42 days
Anemia Hemoglobin level < 9 g/L, with or without symptoms
Chronic diarrhea Loose stools for ≥ 28 days
Adenopathies and/or palpable masses -
Unexplained severe abdominal pain -
Rectorrhagia -
Jaundice -
Severe constipation (recent onset) -
Lung and/or pleural abnormalities Mainly suggestive of neoplasm. After exclusion of obvious causes including community-acquired pneumonia or residual lesions
Unexplained dyspnea -
Ascites and/or anasarca -
Dysphagia -
Arthritis Degenerative osteoarthritis excluded
Bone pain with suspicion of bone malignancy -
Splenomegaly and/or hepatomegaly No known liver or hematological disease (e.g., chronic myelogenous leukemia)
Hemogram abnormalities suggestive of primary hematological disorder -
Neurologic disorders (central, spinal and peripheral nervous system) Cerebrovascular disease, delirium, dementia, movement and sleep disorders, dizziness, vertigo, and neuropathic pain excluded.
Includes Horner’s syndrome
Monoclonal paraprotein band with or without suspicion of multiple myeloma -
  1. QDU denotes quick diagnosis unit.