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Table 3 Denial, fear and costs

From: Why is tractable vision loss in older people being missed? Qualitative study


1. “A lot of people have the attitude thattheres nothing wrong with my sight, the print is getting smaller!” [FG2]

2. “I thought I would just leave it, leave it, you know. Keep leaving it and see what happens….” [FG3]

3. “Theres many people who do not want to know

I come from a family of people who dont want to know

Thats actually silly

I know it is. I cant convince them”. [FG5]


4. “I am dead scared of even having my cataracts donebecause my husband lost his sight. That scares me.[FG3]

5. “..its a little bit of the fear of the unknown, becausethe idea that somebody is messing about with your eyes, its really frightening”. [FG3]

6. “I think its sometimes fear of going blind that makes one go and check on your eyes. My mother and grandfather went blind, so it does make you a bit nervous”.

And that works the other way sometimes with some people. They dont want to go”. [FG5]


7. “you made an interesting statementthat the services were free. It cost me £300 the last time I was there!” [FG1]

8. “Costs so much I go alternate years