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Table 2 Deciding when to seek help

From: Why is tractable vision loss in older people being missed? Qualitative study

1 I made the decision, when I was about to cross the road, there was a car coming and I could not see it properly, I had the operation then”. [FG1]
2 I have to get (my glasses changed) when my arm gets too short”. [FG2]
3 Obviously when you are reading (and) the words start to swim around….you just know you have got to go and get your eyes tested”. [FG2]
4 Probably I couldnt see the small print of a bible I was reading. Had to get larger print. So that was probably it”. [FG2]
5 Ive had the same prescription now for probably about ten years…(If I had not lost my glasses) I probably would not have gone (to the optician) becausethere appeared to be no change, I could still read at the same distance, the same size of print…” [FG6]
6 You probably realise that youre getting (cataract) or something and I believe there is no great hurry to get it done, they make you wait a bit anyway. So I may not go every couple of years.” (laughs) [FG6]