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Table 4 Specialist multidisciplinary palliative care services in the four participating countries of the EURO SENTIMELC study

From: Nationwide continuous monitoring of end-of-life care via representative networks of general practitioners in Europe






Hospice/palliative care unit

Palliative care unit in a hospital

Hospice, palliative care unit (in a hospital, nursing home, or care home)


Palliative care unit in a hospital

Palliative care service for patients staying at home

Palliative home care team, palliative day care centre

Palliative care consultation team*

Palliative home care team, domiciliary integrated assistance with palliative care

Palliative home care team, palliative day care centre, ambulatory palliative care in a hospital

GP with palliative care training


GP with palliative care training†



In-house palliative care service in a nursing home (excl. The Netherlands)

Reference persons for palliative care in a nursing home

Palliative care nurses in a nursing home

Hospital-based palliative care service (excl. palliative care unit)

Mobile palliative care support team in a hospital

Palliative care consultation team*

Pain therapy or palliative care specialist consultation during a hospital admission

  1. * Palliative care consultation teams mainly offer services to patients at home but also to patients in hospital/hospice/nursing home.
  2. GPs followed palliative care training offered by the Dutch Association of General Practitioners (Nederlands Huisartsen Genootschap, NHG); they are registered as palliative care advisors in a central database.
  3. For patients admitted to hospital for at least one day in the last three months of life.
  4. § Not available/assessed in this country.
  5. Not available in this country.