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Table 1 Interview guide

From: Patient reported barriers and facilitators to using a self-management booklet for hip and knee osteoarthritis in primary care: results of a qualitative interview study

Behaviour Do you use the booklet?
  How do you use the booklet?
Motivation Why do you use (or not use) the booklet?
  Are you interested in information about OA and the treatment options?
  What do you think about the booklet?
Awareness What do you know about OA and the treatment options?
  How severe are your symptoms in daily life?
  What can you do to influence OA symptoms?
Information What did your health care provider tell you about the booklet when you received it?
  Did you ever discuss the booklet with a health care provider?
  What did health care providers tell you about OA?
Suggestion for improvement Do you have any suggestions to improve the booklet?