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Table 1 Terms used in Medline search

From: Which providers can bridge the health literacy gap in lifestyle risk factor modification education: a systematic review and narrative synthesis

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Health Literacy

Patient Education as Topic/ or exp Health Education/ or health or exp Health Knowledge, Attitudes, Practice/ exp Patient Compliance/ exp Educational Status/(functional adj health adj literacy).tw.interactive health health

Outcomes support diabetes care newest vital exp Physician-Patient Relations/ exp Self Efficacy/ exp rating scale/ or exp scoring system/ exp questionnaire/exp Psychological Rating Scale/

Primary Health Care

Primary Health Care/ exp Comprehensive Health Care/exp Patient Care Management/exp Family Practice/exp Physicians, Family/exp Community Health Services/(primary adj1 (care or health)).tw.(family adj1 (doct$ or medic$ or pract$ or physic$)).tw. (general adj1 pract$).tw. (gp or gps).tw.


exp Health Promotion/ exp Motivation/motivation$ exp Behavior Therapy/ exp Risk Reduction Behavior/ exp Consumer Health Information/ exp Smoking Cessation/ self or exp Exercise/ brief nutrition assessment/ exp Patient Education as Topic/ exp Self Care/ed [Education] exp Self Care/“group education”.mp. exp Education/

Lifestyle risk factors

exp Smoking/ec, pc [Economics, Prevention & Control] exp drinking behavior/ or exp alcohol drinking/ or exp feeding behavior/ or exp habits/ or exp health behavior/ exp Exercise/ exp Overweight/ exp Obesity/ exp risk factors/ exp Life Style/ exp Health Behavior/