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Table 2 Overview of the supporting information under four generic headings that the RCGP proposes a GP submits in a five-yearly revalidation portfolio (December 2010)[7]

From: Can GPs working in secure environments in England re-license using the Royal College of General Practitioners revalidation proposals?

Generic heading Supporting information
General information Personal details
Scope of practice including extended practice*
Contextual details
Participation in annual appraisal, Personal Development Plan (PDP) and review of PDP
Statement of probity and health
Keeping up to date 50 learning credits per year and 250 credits overall (one learning credit = one hour of learning activity including planning and reflection)
Review of Practice‡ Ten significant event audits (SEAs) including any serious incidents
One full-cycle clinical audit
Feedback on practice** One colleague survey (50% clinical colleagues, 50% non-clinical colleagues)
One patient survey
Review of complaints
  1. *Evidence of extended practice = past and present medical qualifications in area of practice additional to GP’s main role and sign off from an appropriate colleague who has knowledge of GP’s extended practice role.
  2. ‡ GPs required to discuss audits’ findings at primary care team meetings.
  3. ** The GP, appraiser and RO must not have any involvement in collation of the results of the colleague and patient survey.