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Table 8 Search strategy for studies looking prospectively at patients who have received an abnormal LFT*

From: Should patients with abnormal liver function tests in primary care be tested for chronic viral hepatitis: cost minimisation analysis based on a comprehensively tested cohort

Liver Function Test Search Strings (limited using the subheadings; blood, analysis and metabolism) Hepatitis Search Strings
Liver Function Test Liver Diseases (diagnosis)
Transaminases Liver Diseases (epidemiology)
Alanine Aminotransferases Liver Diseases (enzymology)
Aspartate Aminotransferases Liver Diseases (virology)
Alkaline Phosphatase Liver Diseases
With Limits added (Humans and Pub date post 1980) With Limits added (Humans and Pub date post 1980)
Papers returned = 35070 Papers returned = 8526
When strategies combined using term AND = 1448 papers whose abstracts were read
  1. *Based on Medline and limited to human studies after 1980.