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Table 3 Attributes common to published indicator testing protocols

From: Framework and indicator testing protocol for developing and piloting quality indicators for the UK quality and outcomes framework

UK-ITP+ AMA-PCIP [10] NCQA/HEDIS [6] Qualify [7]
NICE prioritisation Needs assessment Relevance Relevance
Acceptability Acceptability   
Clarity Clarity Precision = Clarity/specificity
Feasibility Feasibility Feasibility Feasibility
Reliability Reliability Reproducibility~ Reliability~
Validity * Validity *# Validity * Validity *~
Implementation Implementation Implementation Implementation
-Unintended -Unintended -Controllability¬ -Risks/side effects¬
Consequences Consequences -Benchmarking/ -Benchmarking/
-Benchmarking/ -Benchmarking   
Sensitivity to change
Cost effectiveness   Cost effectiveness¬  
  1. + UK-ITP: Indicator testing protocol described in this paper
  2. Validity *: face and content validity underpinned by evidence based guideline
  3. Validity#: predictive validity
  4. ~ As part of Scientific Soundness
  5. ¬ As part of Relevance
  6. = As part of Feasibility