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Table 2 Technical Aspects Assessed in the Moodle Survey

From: Effects of online palliative care training on knowledge, attitude and satisfaction of primary care physicians

1 - Do you consider the use of the Moodle Platform adequate to achieve said objective?

2 - Do your skills match those required to use the Moodle Platform?

3 - Do you think the amount of time and effort required to use Moodle is compensated by those results achieved in terms of reaching the objectives?

4 - Do you think that integrating the Moodle Platform in the course leads to an improvement in the activity?

5 - Has it been easy for you to use or access those resources available in the Moodle Platform?

6 - Do you think those resources available in the Moodle Platform are enough to carry out the intended activity?

7 - Do you think that using the Moodle Platform facilitates conducting the activity in an organized manner?

8 - Do you consider that instructions and other pieces of information provided through the Moodle Platform have been clear and accurate?

9 - Do you think that the use of the Moodle Platform has allowed you to answer with higher security the activity assessment questions?

10 - Do you consider that using the Moodle Platform has improved your acquisition of theoretical knowledge in terms of the future overall evaluation?

  1. Aspects evaluated in the Moodle survey
  2. (Answers in Likert Scale: Completely Disagree, Disagree, Neutral, Agree, Completely Agree)