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Archived Comments for: Palliative care in urgent need of recognition and development in general practice: the example of Germany

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  1. Urgent need to get all health care workers certified in palliative care

    Michael Hahn, ASAP Care

    21 September 2010

    Regarding the statement that "...actual and potential delivery of palliative care by general practitioners and community based nurses has been sorely neglected." The same scenario is true throughout the world.

    Although many claim that palliative care is increasing more available in many health care settings, the service is often weak (poorly funded and staffed) and under-utilized.

    All health care workers should be required to become certified in palliative care (similar to how advanced life support is trained) so that this vital service can be provided by any clinician in any health care setting. To find out about this, visit the website for the American Society for the Advancement of Palliative Care (ASAP Care) at .

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