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Table 1 Opinion and Task Perspective (N = 186)

From: Care for patients with severe mental illness: the general practitioner's role perspective

Tasks in the acute and long term phase
  Agree Neutral Disagree
For acute confusion, the GP is the first contact 74% 19% 7%
I feel responsible for the care for chronic psychiatric patients in my practice 58% 23% 19%
I think it is my job to check on psychiatric patients' ability to take care of themselves 37% 30% 33%
I think I should monitor somatic co morbidity in chronic psychiatric patients 81% 13% 6%
Care for family
I think it is my job to support the family of a chronic psychotic patient 74% 17% 9%
I think it is my job to provide information on the clinical picture to the family of a chronic psychotic patient 58% 26% 16%
Self-experienced competencies
I feel competent in making contact with the patient in a psychotic crisis 46% 35% 19%
I feel competent in communicating with the family in a psychotic crisis 85% 11% 4%
I feel competent in intervening in a crisis situation 52% 33% 15%
I feel powerless in a psychotic crisis 18% 28% 54%
I feel unsafe near an acute psychotic patient 16% 35% 49%
Need for continual professional development training (CPD training)
I need CPD training on guiding of and communicating with psychotic patients 55% 27% 18%
I need CPD training on interventions in a psychotic crisis 63% 20% 17%
I need CPD training on antipsychotic pharmacotherapy 54% 24% 22%