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What areas of primary health care research does the journal consider?

BMC Family Practice is an open access, peer-reviewed journal that considers articles on all aspects of primary health care, general practice, and family medicine research. We particularly welcome submissions covering the following topics: 

Continuing professional education and development

This section considers all aspects of research related to continuing medical education and development of graduates and primary care physicians, including the assessment of their knowledge and attitudes and skill development.

eHealth, mHealth and informatics

This section considers all aspects of research relating to the design, development, trialing, adoption, and application of information technology, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and mobile health-based innovations in primary care services delivery, management, and planning.

Health services research in primary care

This section broadly considers all aspects of health services research within primary care. This section has a special focus on:

  • The primary care needs of a population, including access to services and inequalities in the provision of primary care
  • How healthcare is organized and delivered, within the context of primary care
  • The provision of integrated care and the interfaces between primary and secondary care services
  • Primary health care policy and governance
  • Quality and safety of care

Primary care clinical practice and interventions

This section considers all aspects of research related to primary care physician clinical practice, including clinical best practice and decision-making, and clinical interventions that are delivered in primary care settings. This section covers, though is not limited to, diagnostic and prescribing practices, decision-making aids and support systems, the practice of person-centered care, patient-physician relations and communication, trials of clinical interventions, and assessment of their efficacy and cost-effectiveness.

Screening, prevention and health promotion

This section considers all aspects of research into proactive approaches to promote the health and wellbeing of populations, in primary and community care settings.