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Table 1 Interview guide

From: Parents’ experiences caring for children with acute otitis media: a qualitative analysis

1. Let’s get started with a bit of a big picture question to help me learn about you and [child]. In your own words, please tell me everything that led up to [child] being diagnosed with an ear infection.
2. What led you to think that [child] might have some ear troubles?
3. Sometimes children do specific things that we think might tell us they are having ear trouble.
a. [For each sign/symptom mentioned]: What behaviors were you noticing [child] doing?
b. How did you first notice that [child] was having [symptom]?
c. If the child is >1 year old, ask “what words did your child use to communicate the [symptom]?
d. What did you think was causing the [symptom]?
e. What was it like for you to see [child] do [behavior]?
4. Of all the symptoms you mentioned, which ones do you think were the most bothersome to [child]?
a. Which of those symptoms were the most bothersome to *you*?
5. Once you noticed [child] your child’s symptoms, what did you do?
a. How could you tell that the symptoms were getting worse?
6. Tell me about how you decided you needed to seek help. What was the thing that pushed you to call your pediatrician?
7. Did you think your child was in pain? If so, how could you tell?
8. Can you spend some time telling me about how you’d know whether [child]’s ear troubles are fixed? What would that look like?
a. Some parents say that they feel confident that their child is better when they do certain things or stop doing other things.
9. Now that we are wrapping up, is there anything else you would like to share with me or that you think is important for us to know?