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Table 1 Variables for 2017

From: Determinants and disparities in access to paediatricians in Poland

Symbol Name Measure Nature of the variable
X1 The population aged 0–17 person Stimulant
X2 the paediatrician workforce persons per 100.000 residents under 17 years of age, Stimulant
X3 patients treated on paediatric wards (including inter-ward movement) person Stimulant
X4 the average disposable income per capita PLN Stimulant
X5 outpatient departments number Stimulant
X6 paramedic teams number Stimulant
X7 the average monthly gross wages and salaries in human health and social work activities PLN Stimulant
X8 railway lines operated number per 100 km2 Stimulant
X9 hard surface public roads number of total per 100 km2 Stimulant
X10 passenger cars number per 1.000 population Stimulant
X11 national regular transport lines km Stimulant
X12 expenditure of provinces relating to healthcare in mln PLN Stimulant
  1. Note: author’s work based on GUS Local Data Bank database