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Table 1 Summary of the key features of a number of health care organisations in Northern Ireland [27, 28]

From: General practitioners’ experiences with, views of, and attitudes towards, general practice-based pharmacists: a cross-sectional survey

Health care organisations in NI Description
Health and Social Care Trusts [27] - Five Trusts (the Belfast, Northern, Southern, South Eastern and Western Trusts) together with the NI Ambulance Trust.
- Administrative health organisations which are responsible for the management and administration of health and social care services on a geographical basis.
Health and Social Care Board [27] - Organisation responsible for commissioning health services, performance management of the Health and Social Care Trusts and service improvement.
Business Services Organisation (BSO) [27] - Organisation responsible for the delivery of a variety of commercial support and specialist professional services to the Health and Social Care sector.
- The BSO website provides comprehensive resources for primary care, such as the COMPASS report which is a prescribing information summary that is issued quarterly for each GP practice to provide GPs with feedback on their prescribing [28].