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Table 2 Semi-structured interview guide

From: How concerned significant others experience Community Reinforcement and Family Training (CRAFT) – a qualitative study

Opening question Can you try to explain what you experienced from the time you realized there was an alcohol problem until you sought help?
How did you experience receiving the CRAFT counselling?
Did you find that it made a difference? What was it that made a difference?
When did you notice a difference? Was it immediately or after some time?
What was the best thing you got from the counselling?
Were there some elements of the counselling that you did not find useful?
What more could you have wished for from the treatment?
How did you find the written material (the book)?
To those who received individual CRAFT How did you find the individual counselling?
To those who received Group CRAFT How did you find being in a group?
To those who received the written material only How did you get on with the written material?
Was it adequate?
Do you feel that participating in CRAFT has changed the atmosphere/interaction between you and the person you support? What has changed?
Do you think the person you support has changed at all? If so, has he/she commented on this? What happened?
Have you received any other kind of help relating to the person’s alcohol use? – If so, what kind of help? Have you received help from family, friends, job, your/his social network? What happened?
Is there anything else important that you’d like to mention that I’ve missed?