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Table 2 Key measures

From: Low-touch, team-based care for co-morbidity management in cancer patients: the ONE TEAM randomized controlled trial

Measures Definition / Criteria Data source
Primary outcomes
 HEDIS measures [67,68,69] BP <140/90 mm Hg
A1c <8.0%
On statin if diabetic or ASCVD risk > 10%
BP by research staff, fasting labs, EHR
 Proportion of days covered [70, 71] Ratio of the number of days the patient is covered by a mediation during a refill period EHR
 PCC-Ca-36 [53] Patient-centered communication: exchanging information, making decisions, fostering healing relationships, enabling patient self-management, managing uncertainty, and responding to emotions Patient self-report survey
Secondary outcomes
 Voils’ medication adherence self-report measure [72, 73] (modified) Measure of adherence & reasons for non-adherence of medication for key CVDs Patient self-report survey
 Haggerty et al [74] (modified) Vimalananda et al. [75] (modified) Multiple perspectives of care coordination Patient- and provider- survey
 FACIT-COST [76] Cancer care-related financial toxicity Patient self-report survey
 Objective self-report measure [77] Amount of out-of-pocket expense on care by spending type (e.g., medication, copayments, etc.) Patient survey
 Patient activation measure (PAM) [78] Patient engagement Patient self-report survey