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Table 2 Inclusion criteria

From: Physicians’ experiences, attitudes, and beliefs towards medical cannabis: a systematic literature review

Articles were included in this review, if they;
Addressed physicians’ experiences, attitudes, or beliefs towards use of medical cannabis.
- We included studies that addresses both physicians and other health care professionals and/or patients, if we could extract results for physicians or if 50% or more of the study population were physicians.
- We included studies if they addressed medical cannabis by involvement of physicians in the identification of the perceived need and use of medical cannabis on the patients.
Were written in English, Danish, Norwegian or Swedish
- Because we were interested in international peer-reviewed scientific articles, we included articles in the Scandinavian languages as well, because all authors were able to understand it.
Were published after year 2000
- The year was chosen as a pragmatic cut off, by which articles would be discarded, due to contextual differences in the use of medical cannabis among health professionals and in the public. Research activity within this topic is new and current.
Articles were excluded from this review, if they;
Only examined the use of medical cannabis in children (< 18 years)
- Children are physiologically different from adults, and the use of medical cannabis in their treatment may have severe consequences [13]. Hence, the beliefs and attitudes of physicians, regarding use of medical cannabis, may differ depending on the age of the population under investigation.