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Table 2 Development of clinician support throughout work packages 1 and 2 of the STarT-MSK research programme

From: Integrating clinician support with intervention design as part of a programme testing stratified care for musculoskeletal pain in general practice

Programme Phase

Programme activity

Clinician support package


• Epidemiological study

• Tool development and validation

• Information about what questions would be asked during the consultation

WP2 Exploratory phase

• Focus groups with GPs and patients.

• Analysis using Theoretical Domains Framework (TDF)

• Perceptions of GPs and patients and identification of possible barriers and facilitators to the adoption of stratified care, mapped onto the TDF and onto specific behaviour change techniques

WP2 developing the intervention

• Evidence synthesis and expert consensus groups to devise evidence-based matched treatments

• Identification of training/support issues relating to matched treatments and how they are presented in the Electronic Health Record (EHR) tool

• Development of the interactive tool for the EHR

• Influencing tool design to address issues identified in qualitative work

• Identification of training issues related to the IT and integration into consultations

• Refinement and testing of the electronic tool

• “Translation” of qualitative findings and experience of intervention design into educational paradigm to inform support package

• Design and testing of educational input and support materials

• User testing of the proposed EHR template with GPs

• Planning training sessions