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Table 1 Focus group discussion guide for GPs

From: The experiences of Chinese general practitioners in communicating with people with type 2 diabetes—a focus group study

1. Issues of confidentiality and anonymity
Reinforce written participant information, emphasizing that no participant would be identifiable in any dissemination or publication of the study by the investigators. Establish ground rules for participants. Advise participants to draw the group’s attention to any information that they do not wish to be repeated outside the group by other participants in any further discussions. Confirm consent to audio-recording
2. Prompts for facilitators
 What do you think are the most important things for diabetes patients? (HbA1c, blood pressure, quality of life, etc.)
 What is your experience in communicating with diabetes patients?
 Are there any barriers (gaps) or facilitators in communication with diabetes patients?
 How do you feel when your diabetes patients present with emotional difficulties?
 How do you see your attitudes and behaviors (words, emotion and expression styles) affecting your diabetes patients' self-care?
 What do you think make diabetes patients trust doctors?
 Are there any good communication skills in daily practice with diabetes patients?
 Have you received any communication skills training before? If yes, what is your experience in communication skills training, e.g., training content and methods?
 Do you think training will help improve GPs communication skills? If yes, why?
 Is there anything else about the physician/patient relationship that you want to share?