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Table 3 Cross-Case Analysis of Targeted Programs of Care for Adults with IDD

From: Organizational attributes of interprofessional primary care for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities in ontario, Canada: a multiple case study

IDD Program of Care

Case 2 FHT

Case 5 CHC

Main Purpose of Program

Provide Health Check

Care Coordination

Age of Program

5 Years (est. 2014)

12 Years (est. 2007)

Organizational Support

• Yes

• Yes

Core Health Providers-

Staff Currently Involved

(Resources- Health Personnel)

• Physicians/ Residents

• Nurses

• Clinic Clerk (scheduling)

• Physician

• IDD Community Nurse

• Clinic Clerk (scheduling)

Provider Remuneration

(Resources – capital)

Physicians: Blended model


Nurses, Clinic Clerk: Salary

All providers: salaried

Community IDD nurse salary funded by Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services

Services Offered

(Resources – health personnel, equipment, materials)

• Care Coordination

• Health Check

• Usual Primary Care

• System Navigation

• Advocacy

• Care Coordination

• Usual Primary Care

• Health Teaching

• System Navigation

• Advocacy

Access to Program (Organization- Entry)

Rostered with physician associated with case 2. Patients may have suspected or known IDD

Open access to nurse if known or suspected IDD; typically roster with physician associated with IDD clinic if possible

Availability (Organization- Entry)

Monday to Friday. On call services available after hours

Monday to Friday. Nurse offers emergency cell on-call services after hours



Visits offered in clinic or group home/residence as required

Visits offered in clinic or group home/residence as required

Opportunities for Collaboration


Yes, although not typical. Main providers physicians; however, can refer to all health providers as needed

Yes, collaboration between physician and nurse; however, can refer to all health providers as needed

Opportunities for Coordination


• With Developmental Services Agency staff and specialist IDD health providers

• With Developmental Services Agency Staff

Program Evaluated

(Organizational -structures)

Yes, evaluation identified in quality improvement plan

Not at this time