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Table 3 Description of the PCMH projects

From: Implementation of a patient centred medical home (PCMH) initiative in general practices in New South Wales, Australia

Practices Description of PCMH Project
P1 Expansion of the Teen Clinic program (a nurse led drop-in service for young people in rural towns) to four general practices in the region
P2 Establishing a Teen Clinic within the practice with a focus on improving access to mental health services for young people in rural areas
P3 Psychosocial program to support the mental health of refugee patients with activities such as workshops, developing strength and resilience cards, reflective patient journals and walking groups
P4 Osteoporosis education program targeting patients aged over 70, consisting of bone health group sessions with patients, their GPs and allied health
P5 Respiratory disease program with an Integrated Care approach for patients with Asthma and COPD involving a clinical nurse consultant and a GP integrated appointment
P6 Integration of a consultant pharmacist within the practice to discuss medication adherence with patients and to check that medication records are up to date
P7 Coordinated diabetes management care plan focussing on a practice nurse led review of diabetes patients aged between 50 and 60 living in low socio-economic areas