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Table 1 Interview guide and daily notes

From: Use of alternative consultation forms in Danish general practice in the initial phase of the COVID-19 pandemic – a qualitative study

Interview themes in the first interview
• Physical and organizational precautionary measures taken in the clinics to minimize the risk of spreading COVID-19
• Use, reasoning and experience with telephone and video consultations
• The GPs perceptions of their own risk of infection and their work conditions during the pandemic
• Tasks and challenges related to patients with COVID-19 symptoms
• Information from the authorities and keeping up-to-date
• Work and challenges related to implementing guidelines
• Collaboration with the rest of the health care system
Interview themes in the second interview
• Follow up on issues covered in the first interview and in the notes
• Continued reorganisation and resumption of usual practice
• Use, reasoning and experience with telephone and video consultations
• Experiences of clinical quality during the pandemic and adequacy of treatment for patients with COVID-19 symptoms and patients with regular health issues
• The influence of the minimal use of personal protective equipment on patient care
• Counselling patients in the increased risk of serious illness if infected with COVID-19
Questions for the written or audio recorded daily notes
• Which clinical challenges have you experienced today in relation to COVID-19 and other acute/sub-acute health issues?
• Are you aware of any changes in clinical guidelines since yesterday?
• Is there anything else that has taken up time today?
Do you have any suggestions as to how the situation in general practice could be improved?