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Table 4 Correlationsa between continuity of care indices and continuous variables of the PCP

From: Influence of organization and demographic characteristics of primary care practices on continuity of care: analysis of a retrospective cohort from 287 primary care practices covering about 6 million people in Catalonia

VISUBA 0.56a 0.62a 0.57a 0.63a
Accessibility < 48 h 0.34a 0.45a 0.36a 0.37a
GP leave days (2 year period) -0.29a -0.27a -0.27a -0.2a
Socioeconomic deprivation index (AQUAS) -0.23a -0.16a -0.21a -0.2a
Median age 0.29a 0.35a 0.3a 0.33a
Adjusted morbidity (GMA) -0.08 -0.02 -0.07 -0.07
% of immigration from a low-income country -0.14a -0.14a -0.14a -0.15a
% women patients -0.04 -0.16a -0.07 -0.11
PCP practice size -0.18a -0.33a -0.21a -0.24a
  1. a Correlations between continuity of care indices and variables are statistically significant