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Table 4 Reoganisation of GP surgery staff

From: Reorganisation of GP surgeries during the COVID-19 outbreak: analysis of guidelines from 15 countries

  WHO France Germany Italy Netherlands New Zealand Norway Poland Portugal Romania Spain Sweden Switzerland Turkey United Kingdom US
Staff hygiene and equipment
- Hand hygiene after contact with patients or objects belonging to patients    x      x       x   
- Equip triage staff with facemasks    x      x       x   x
- Equip cleaning staff with appropriate PPE   x          x    x   
- Cleaning staff should not use a vacuum cleaner for cleaning the floor   x               
- Equip healthcare workers with an apron in cases of possible or confirmed COVID-19                x  
- Provide PPE at the entrance to the COVID-19 examination room, together with waste disposal containers            x      
Staff management
- Protect vulnerable staff (pregnant, high-risk group)        x       x    
- Advise staff to check daily for any signs of illness and to notify if ill    x              x
- Isolate symptomatic staff at home    x     x x       x   
- Authorise staff exposed to COVID-19 but without symptoms to work, with a medical mask, in cases of staff shortage    x              
- Sharing of duties, with alternation between intensive and less stressful roles               x   
- Identify healthcare personnel for the daily monitoring of patients by telephone contact         x         x
- Stop activities of voluntary non-clinical staff during the emergency period            x      
Staff meeting
- Organise internal staff meeting by video-link        x          
- Designate a time to meet with your staff and educate them about COVID-19    x              x
- Inform staff about the location of specific COVID-19 areas            x      
- Support each other               x   
- Avoid eating lunch together        x          
- Bring ready-prepared food (do not prepare lunch in the lunchroom)        x          
Extra staff – work with the local community
- Engage the local community to assist patients isolated at home (e.g. delivery of food)                 x
- Work with local/public health organisations, and healthcare coalitions, to acquire a better understanding of the impact and spread of the outbreak in your area   x x   x x x x x x x x   x x x