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Table 5 HCPs views: Factors that reduce burden or build capacity

From: Healthcare professionals’ perspective on treatment burden and patient capacity in low-income rural populations: challenges and opportunities

Reducing burden • Assistance with system navigation
• Knowledge of available resources and greater access (waitlists, funding for equipment and social services)
• Improved access to specialists and mental health services (telehealth, transport support, no gap payments, address waitlists and workforce).
• Technology to improve service co-ordination (shared healthcare information plus time to read it)
• Supportive HCPs who are patient-centred
• Sustainable (long-term) service funding
Increasing capacity • Available income
• Understanding their condition and the point of treatment, being confident in management
• Acceptance of condition and recognition of the need to address it
• Ability to prioritise health
• Living in a healthy environment
• Availability of services (home help, respite)
• Having goals and a purpose
• Early provision of services (before people become too disabled)
• Good mental health
• Good social relationships
Both • Established routine/integrating treatment into life, able to troubleshoot and prioritise
• Manageable life demands (e.g. caring role)