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Table 4 HCPs’ responses to each vignette in relation to key capacity features

From: Healthcare professionals’ perspective on treatment burden and patient capacity in low-income rural populations: challenges and opportunities

Vignette no Key capacity issues in vignette Issues discussed by at least 3 HCPs
(each vignette was reviewed by 4 HCPs)
Complex multimorbidity and functional impairment, housing situation, limited family support Likely high treatment demands, difficult housing situation, ability to access healthcare, reduced family support
Insulin dependent diabetic, some carer responsibilities, good social support Low income, ability to prioritise health due to carer demands, good social support, needs good support for diabetes management
Poor diabetes control, poverty, carer demands, lack of social support, family dysfunction, mental health Inability to prioritise health due to life demands, mental health, social isolation, financial stress, needs significant support from healthcare system but access may be difficult
Work demands/stress related to business, long history of depression, poor diabetes management Financial stress, depression, prioritising work over health leading to escalating health issues
Rural/isolated location, functional impairments, poverty Functional limitations for day to day tasks, social isolation, ability to access healthcare, housing security, financial stress, health literacy
Caring responsibilities, social isolation, pain-related functional limitations, anxiety Carer responsibilities affecting ability to prioritise health, social isolation, ability to access healthcare services