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Table 3 Characteristics of health professional interviewees

From: Healthcare professionals’ perspective on treatment burden and patient capacity in low-income rural populations: challenges and opportunities

Location Site 1: 7 participants, Site 2: 5 participants
Gender All female
Age 24–56 years, mean 41 years
Profession 2 nurses; 4 diabetes educators (all nurses); 3 occupational therapists; 1 physiotherapist; 1 exercise physiologist; 1 podiatrist
Years since graduation 1–34 years, mean 13 years
Years in CDSM 1–18 years, mean 9 years
Specific postgraduate training in CDSM 7/12 reported formal training in CDSM
Reported typical patient population Low socioeconomic status: blue-collar workers or healthcare card holders
Age group: over 50
Chronic health conditions: Diabetes, COPD, cardiovascular disease, chronic pain, arthritis, anxiety/depression, obesity and multimorbidity