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Table 2 Comparison of National, West of Ireland Research and Education Network (WestREN) and ULEARN-GP profiles

From: The University of Limerick Education and Research Network for General Practice (ULEARN-GP): practice characteristics and general practitioner perspectives

 National 1992 [34]National 2005 [34]WestREN 2009 [33]National 2015 [34]ULEARN-GP 2018
No. of practices42854571462134
Response rate68%87%73%72%100%
Practice Type
 GMS() + Private91%96%100%89%100%
 Private practice only9%4%0%11%0%
GMS List Size
 < 50025%27%4%18%10%
 > 20003%2%14%7%32%
Practice Location
 Rural location33%21%50%21%34%
 Urban location47%43%25%42%18%
 Mixed location20%36%25%37%48%
 Purpose built premises27%43%54%54%37%
 Adapted premises46%46%40%43%53%
 Attached to residence27%11%5.7%3%1%
Practice Organisation
Out of Hours
 Internal rota25%5%4%1%0%
 External rota60%15%19%6%6%
Practice staff
 Single handed GP57%35%25%18%15%
 Practice nurse17%75%92%82%99%
 Involved in postgraduate training8%18%42%22%63%