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Table 2 Key moments in PCN history (2012-19)

From: An implementation history of primary health care transformation: Alberta’s primary care networks and the people, time and culture of change

Time Initiative/Policy Content
2012 AG Report Revealed major weaknesses in the design and implementation of PCN accountability systems.
2013 Alberta PCN Evaluation Framework Developed by AH and AMA and set the foundation for Schedule B.
PCN Evolution Vision and Framework Used the term Patient Medical Home (PMH) for the first time.
First Provincial Primary Health Care Strategy Established five key strategic directions for continuing the transformation of primary care and its sustainability: 1) enhancing the delivery of care, 2) bringing about cultural change, 3) establishing building blocks of change, 4) population health, and 5) return on investment.
2016 Replacing 5 original objectives of PCNs by AH Four new objectives include: 1) accountable and effective governance, 2) health needs of community and population, 3) patient medical home, 4) strong partnerships and transition of care.
2017 New Governance Structure Consists of 5 PCN Zone Councils- forums for PCNs and AHS to collaborate in joint planning- and a PCN Provincial Committee