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Table 4 Usability and acceptability evaluation on a scale of 1–10 (1: not at all and 10: a lot). Table values represent the number of responses for each scale point

From: Development and evaluation of an online education tool on attention deficit hyperactivity disorder for general practitioners: the important contribution of co-production

Scores Total mean SD Range
How confident are you in your knowledge of ADHD
 Pre intervention 6.2 1.48 3–8
 Post intervention 7.9 0.94 6–9
How useful did you find the information in this programme? 9.2 0.87 8–10
Did you like using the tool? 8.5 0.67 8–10
Do you feel the tool impacted your knowledge on ADHD? 8.5 0.92 6–10
How likely is this information going to inform your practise? 8.7 0.64 8–10
Do you believe the content was relevant to your practice? 9.2 0.87 8–10