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Table 1 Summary of themes relating to awareness and understanding of ADHD in primary care

From: Development and evaluation of an online education tool on attention deficit hyperactivity disorder for general practitioners: the important contribution of co-production

Systematic review (French et al, 2018) Pilot study (French, unpublished thesis chapter) Semi-structured interviews (French et al, 2020)
Need for education Negative connotation of ADHD Lack of identification in primary care
Misconceptions and stigmas Parenting Lack of clear diagnostic pathway and services
Constraints with recognition, management and treatment Social background GPs’ knowledge of ADHD and misconceptions
Multidisciplinary approach Lack of experience/knowledge Difficult communication between multiple stakeholders
  Diagnosis / consultation procedure Impact of diagnosis and the risks linked to no diagnosis
  1. The collective findings from these three studies can be broadly categorised into two main concepts – [1] issues around knowledge and [2] issues around the complexity of the diagnostic process. As such, these two concepts were the focus of the intervention. Based on this, the team developed videos with the aim of capturing the lived experiences of patients around these two themes