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Table 8 Feedback from physician participants on preliminary report

From: Primary care physician perspectives on barriers to diagnosing axial Spondyloarthritis: a qualitative study

Participant Comments
D31 Thank you for sharing the preliminary results of the study on inflammatory spondyloarthropathies and screening mechanisms for primary care. I was pleased to have participated. I do have additional recommendations from a physician perspective but am delight to learn that the next stage of your analysis will move to getting the input of patients through real-time interviews. Congratulations on excellent work and bringing importance to an often overlooked arthropathy in our clinics due to misdiagnosis. We must be willing, as physicians, to take detailed medical histories and do physical examinations to get to root, and please do spread knowledge of the screening tool and considering incorporating into medical apps such as Medscape and QxMD. That will help.
D34 Overall the summary for each section the comments make sense with regard to:
- the limitation of history taking questions to help dx axSpA
- the difficulties in making the diagnosis of axSpA
- the limitations of screening questions\screening tools
axSpA is a difficult dx to make given how common back pain is seen in the primary care’s office. Even using screening tools either filled out by the patient or used by the provider still those would still have significant limitations making them not clinical useful in a busy out-pt. setting.