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Table 2 Integrated GP care plus treatment as usual

From: Integrated GP care for patients with persistent physical symptoms: feasibility cluster randomised trial

Component Brief Description of Intervention
GP Training GPs practices were offered training in utilising cognitive behavioural skills during 10-min consultations.
GP Supervision GP practices were offered additional GP training and supervision with either or both a Psychiatrist and therapist
Audio-visual and written materials/guidelines for GP’s All GPs that attended the training were provided with study-specific guidance on how to change the nature of consultations. A list of helpful responses in the consultation with patients were provided. They also had access to a website which contained resources including role play demonstrations of skills and all resources that were given to participants in the trial.
Participants’ Booklets A series of booklets were sent to participants’ homes, these included (i) an introduction to PPS, (ii) how to juggle activities, (iii) improving sleep, (iv) living with uncertainty, (v) emotional well-being and (vi) goal setting. Participants were also sent symptom booklets that included information about their primary symptoms.
Participants’ Animation Participants had access to an animation describing a patient’s experience with chronic pain