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Table 1 GP Practice and Patient Eligibility Criteria

From: Integrated GP care for patients with persistent physical symptoms: feasibility cluster randomised trial

  Inclusion Criteria Exclusion Criteria
GP Practices (clusters) Situated in South London, UK Risk of closure
The lead GP or other authorised individual provided consent for the GP practice to take part in the study  
At least 50% of GPs within the GP practice were interested in completing the training workshop  
Patients A PPS diagnosis Active psychosis
≥18 years old, ≤65 years old Drug or alcohol addiction
Registered within a GP practice in South London that has consented to taking part in PRINCE Primary Benzodiazepine use exceeding 10 mg per day
Had 6 or more consultations in the last year (not necessarily for the same symptom or directly related to PPS) Had any psychotherapy treatment within the last year for their PPS
Ability to give written informed consent Dissociative seizuresa
Provided baseline data Imminent risk of self-harm
Speak and read English at an adequate level Taking part in PRINCE Secondary (NCT02426788) or the ACTIB study (ISRCTN44427879)
  1. a due to an ongoing RCT at time of recruitment that was evaluating a specific cognitive behavioural approach for Dissociative Seizures, now published [24]