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Table 7 The variables of the structural equation model

From: Effect of trust in primary care physicians on patient satisfaction: a cross-sectional study among patients with hypertension in rural China

T1 Benevolence
a1-a5 The items of “Benevolence” (eg. My doctor will do whateverit takes to provide me all the care I need.)
T2 Technical competence
b1-b5 The items of “Technical competence” (eg. My doctor’smedical skills are not as good as they should be.)
S1 Clinical behavior
c1-c15 The items of “Clinical behavior” (eg. Making you feelyou had time during consultations.)
S2 Continuity and cooperation
d1-d3 The items of “Continuity and cooperation” (eg. Knowingwhat s/he had done or told you during previous contacts.)
S3 Organization of care
e1-e5 The items of “Organization of care” (eg. Getting anappointment to suit you.)