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Table 1 Factor analysis with factor loadings for C-WFPTS

From: Effect of trust in primary care physicians on patient satisfaction: a cross-sectional study among patients with hypertension in rural China

1 2
1. My doctor will do whatever it takes to provide me all the care I need. 0.72  
2. Sometimes my doctor cares more about what is convenient for him/her than about my medical needs. 0.80  
4. My doctor is extremely thorough and careful. 0.70  
6. My doctor is totally honest in telling me about all of the different treatment options available for my condition. 0.73  
8. My doctor only thinks about what is best for me. 0.66  
3. My doctor’s medical skills are not as good as they should be.   0.74
5. I completely trust my doctor’s decisions about which medical treatments are best for me.   0.51
7. Sometimes my doctor does not pay full attention to what I am trying to tell him/her.   0.76
9. I have no worries about putting my life in my doctor’s hands   0.75
10. All in all, I have complete trust in my doctor.   0.56
Variation % 35.01 18.74
  1. Kaiser-Meyer-Olkin measure of sampling adequacy: 0.833
  2. Bartlett’s test of sphericity: χ2: = 7135.817, p <  0.001