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Table 1 list of audit criteria and performance standards of the study

From: Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) management in the community: how could primary care team contribute?

Item no. Recommendations and audit criteria Standard
1 Recommendations: All COPD patients should be regularly reviewed with a pre-scheduled appointment in General Outpatient Clinic (GOPC);
Criteria 1: % of COPD patients with pre-scheduled appointments in GOPC.
2 Recommendations: All smoker COPD patients should be advised on smoking cessation and referred to Smoking Counselling and Cessation Services (SCCS);
Criteria 2: COPD patients who are smokers:
a. % of COPD patients referred to SCCS before or
b. % of COPD patients ever attended SCCS before
3 Recommendations: All COPD patients should receive seasonal influenza vaccine (SIV) annually unless contraindicated;
Criteria 3: % of COPD patients who have received SIV in the preceding year.
4 Recommendations: All COPD patients should receive pneumococcal vaccine (PCV) unless contraindicated;
Criteria 4: % of COPD patients who have received PCV before.
5 Recommendations: Spirometry is recommended for all COPD cases at diagnosis or when the alternative diagnosis needs to be ruled out, and to monitor the disease progression.
Criteria 5: % of COPD patients with spirometry test done before.
6 Recommendations: All efforts should be made to reduce the acute exacerbation pf COPD (AECOPD).
Criteria 6: % of COPD patients admitted to hospitals due to AECOPD.
< 15%