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Table 5 Five deleted indicators and ratings in the consensus meeting

From: Development of type 2 diabetes mellitus quality indicators in general practice by a modified Delphi method in Beijing, China

Indicator Importance Feasibility Comments
Median Agreement Median Agreement
Ankle-brachial index monitoring 9.0 88.9% 6.5 44.4% The test is not available in many CHSIs
T2DM related admission days in hospital 9.0 100.0% 7.0 66.7% Lack of access to hospital EHR and difficulty to obtain from patient survey
Rational use of medicines 9.0 88.9% 7.0 66.7% Difficult to define and difficulty in data collection in the current EHR
Incidence of complications 9.0 88.9% 7.0 66.7% Many confounding factors and the need of long-term observation
Quality of life 8.0 66.7% 6.0 33.3% Many confounding factors on the indicator
  1. Abbreviations: T2DM Type 2 diabetes mellitus; CHSI Community health service institution; EHR Electronic health record