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Table 2 Basic information on the involved general practitioners

From: The Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire is a usable way to address mental health at well-child visits in general practice - a qualitative study of feasibility

  Female/ Male Location Time allotted per well-child visit Number of well-child visit included in the study
GP1 F Countryside 15 min 3
GP2 M Countryside 15 min 1
GP3 F Countryside 15 min 2
GP4 M Countryside 15 min 1
GP5 M Countryside 15 min 2
GP6 M Countryside 30 min 4
GP7 F Countryside 30 min 1
GP8 F Copenhagen 30 min 1
GP9 M Copenhagen 30 min 4
GP10 F Copenhagen 30 min 4
GP11 F Copenhagen 30 min 2