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Table 2 Themes and Sub-themes by Research Question

From: Disconnected relationships between primary care and community-based health and social services and system navigation for older adults: a qualitative descriptive study

Research Question 1: PC and HSS Providers’ Perceptions of Common Health and Social Service Needs, Barriers in Accessing PC and HSS, and Service Gaps Experienced by Community-dwelling Older Adults
HHS Needs of Older Adults
 • Need for improved management of multiple chronic conditions
 • Need for a shared understanding of older adults’ needs and abilities
 • Need for understanding and acceptance of services and supports
 • Need for social support and advocacy
Barriers to Accessing HSS and PC Services for Older Adults
 • Untimely access
 • Restrictive eligibility criteria
 • Financial challenges
Service Gaps for Older Adults
 • Lack of affordable and accessible transportation
 • Challenges with communication
 • Health literacy
Research Question 2: The Nature of Relationships between PC and HSS
 • HSS struggling to communicate with PC
 • PC has stronger linkages with core health services than with HSS
 • Frustration with the complex nature of HSS system navigation
 • Poor care coordination
Research Question 3: System Navigation Strategies to Facilitate Access to Services for Older Adults
 • Improving partnerships between service providers• Employing effective communication strategies
• Building trust and rapport between HSS and PC
 • Working to meet the needs of the client• Using a person-centred approach
• Applying effective case coordination
• Adapting services/programs to address access barriers and fill gaps for older adults’ needs
• Advocating for improved program access for older adults