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Table 2 Quantitative Summary of Referral Decisions made

From: When is referral from primary care to specialist services appropriate for survivors of stroke? A modified RAND-appropriateness consensus study

Topic AreaNumber of referral decisions
TotalNot consensusConsensus: primary careConsensus: referral indicated
To specialist (non-stroke)To stroke specialistNot consensus on referral destination
Anticoagulation4 (4)a31
Blood Pressure Control3 (2)12
Cardiovascular Risk Factors2 (2)11
Activities of daily living4 (4)112
Physical disability6 (6)42
Spasticity4 (4)13
Pain7 (6)142
Incontinence3 (3)3
Communication/ speech3 (3)3
Adjustment after stroke6 (4)2112
Cognitive Issues5 (5)41
Fatigue5 (4)131
Carer Needs6 (5)141
Intimate Relationships4 (3)121
Difficulties with swallowing4 (3)22
Work3 (2)12
Overall69 (59)1015141812
  1. a(number reaching consensus for referral)