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Table 1 Characteristics of respondents (weighted)

From: Acceptability of screening for pregnancy intention in general practice: a population survey of people of reproductive age

 Of all N = 716GenderAge group
Male (45%)Female (55%)18–24 years (14%)25–34 years (37%)35–45 years (48%)
Born in Australia (%)717171737070
Relative socio-economic disadvantage
 Quintile 1 - Most disadvantaged151615101716
 Quintile 2151119111815
 Quintile 32329^18*262322
 Quintile 4191820201522
 Quintile 5 – Least disadvantaged272628322625
Relationship status (%)
 In a relationship (opposite sex partner)64616839*65*77^
 In a relationship (same sex partner)647774
 Not in a relationship30342554^28*19*
Parental status and preferences (%)
 Have one or more children4235*49^1*30*76^
 Want (more) biological children in the future565756787129*
Health and health behaviours (%)
 Current smoker (daily and occasionally)1721^13*171619
 Drink some alcohol most days6068^53*585566
 Use recreational drugs weekly or monthly814^5*8910
 Do moderate exercise only monthly or less frequently302834242937
 A bit or quite overweight474747394058
 Unhealthy or very unhealthy diet12131015158
  1. ^ denotes significantly higher proportion and * significantly lower proportion. Where one proportion is higher or lower, it is significantly different to its one or two counterparts within the same subgroup