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Table 2 Survey questions about GPs current use of PROMs (n = 100)

From: General practitioners’ views on use of patient reported outcome measures in primary care: a cross-sectional survey and qualitative study

QuestionMultiple choice answerNumber
What do you currently use PROMs for?aTo aid clinical management66
As a screening/diagnostic tool61
Facilitate shared-decision making48
To improve efficiency of consultation45
Facilitate communication with patients42
For Chronic disease monitoring38
To support personalised care planning and self-management31
Facilitate communication across different healthcare sector28
Monitor performance25
For triage14
To monitor safety/adverse events12
Facilitate communication between patients and family members/ carers11
Reward performance10
None – I don’t currently use PROMs19
How do you access PROMs?aThrough clinical systems56
Embedded within clinical templates49
N/A – I don’t access PROMs11
When do your patients complete PROMs?aDuring the consultation: face-to-face72
Prior to consultation: at home at the request of a healthcare professional22
Prior to consultation: in the waiting room12
During the consultation: telephone9
Prior to consultation: at home, instigated by the patient2
N/A – my patients don’t currently complete PROMs17
How do your patients complete PROMs?aPaper68
Interview: in person (doctor)51
Interview: in person (nurse)18
Interview: over the phone (doctor)13
Interview: over the phone (nurse)6
Completed by a proxy on behalf of patients5
Through an app3
N/A – my patients don’t currently complete PROMs15
Who reviews the results of PROMs?aDoctor84
N/A – my patients don’t currently complete PROMs15
What do you think are the main barriers to use of PROMs?bTime constraints77
Mandated to complete55
Sufficient understanding without PROMS32
Patients dislike questionnaires31
Uncertainty about reliability27
Perceived as cost-cutting21
Constrain doctor-patient relationship18
Lack of integration into clinical systems13
Feels uncomfortable11
Number of measures10
Lack of confidence in interpreting8
How do you think your patients feel about completing PROMs?cNegative (e.g. chore, tick box, not interested)22
Positive (e.g. happy to complete, time saving, longitudinal outcomes)47
  1. atick all that apply; brank top 3; c free text categorised into themes
  2. N/A Not Applicable, PROMs Patient Reported Outcome Measures