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Table 4 Participants perceived effectiveness, operational feasibility, and acceptability among GPs and practice staff

From: Youth StepCare: a pilot study of an online screening and recommendations service for depression and anxiety among youth patients in general practice

Evaluation DomainStatementGPsPractice Staff
Baseline (N = 5) M (SD)Follow-up (N = 4) M (SD)Follow-up only (N = 6) M (SD)
Perceived effectivenessTo what extent do you think Youth StepCare …   
… helps you to identify young people in need of mental health assistance4.60 (0.55)3.75 (0.50)
… helps you to monitor young people’s mental health and respond appropriately4.40 (0.55)3.50 (0.58)
… increases your confidence in caring for young people’s mental health4.20 (0.84)3.50 (0.58)
… helps improve the quality of mental healthcare provided to young people4.60 (0.55)3.67* (0.58)4.20 (0.75)
Operational feasibility… changes your usual practice2.75 (1.26)2.00 (1.27)
…aligns with your practice’s existing structure and processes4.50 (0.58)3.70 (1.21)
Acceptability…fits with your beliefs and philosophies about general practice?4.50 (0.58)4.20 (0.98)
Overall, how satisfied are you with Youth StepCare?4.50 (0.58)4.30 (0.85)
  GPs Agreed n (%)Practice Staff Agreed n (%)
Would use the Youth StepCare service again in the future 4 (100.0)5 (83.3)
Would recommend Youth StepCare to other GPs and staff 4 (100.0)5 (83.3)
Comfortable offering the mobile tablet to patients and their parents 6 (100.0)
  1. Note. *Missing data for one participant (N = 3)