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Table 3 Classification of insomnia: Important featuresa

From: Clinician and patient barriers to the recognition of insomnia in family practice: a narrative summary of reported literature analysed using the theoretical domains framework

Features Classification Clinical note(s) Further classification or notes
Duration of symptoms
  Acute/Short-term (ICD-3) Symptoms last < 3 months Typically lasts 1 night to a few weeks. May result from illness or a circadian rhythm disturbance such as jet-lag
Chronic (ICD-3)/Insomnia disorder (DSM-5) Symptoms last > 3 months Usually trouble sleeping is reported 3+ nights for > 3 months
  Onset Falling asleep takes > 30 min  
Maintenance Interruptions lasting more than 30–45 min are experienced during the night  
Early termination Waking earlier than intended & unable to resume sleep  
  Mild Almost nightly complaint little or no impairment on social or occupational functions
Moderate Nightly complaint Mild-moderate impairment on social/occupational functions
Severe Nightly complaint Severe impact on social/occupational functions
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