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Table 3 Association between cardiovascular diseases or their cardiometabolic risk factors and engagement in lifestyle changes among individuals ≥35 years in South Australia in 2017 (N = 2384)

From: Patient-reported GP health assessments rather than individual cardiovascular risk burden are associated with the engagement in lifestyle changes: population-based survey in South Australia

 Lifestyle changes1
 Increasing fruit and vegetable intakeIncreasing physical activity levelReducing alcohol consumptionaTried to quit smokingb
Cardiometabolic risk factors
 Diabetes mellitus32.245.738.6*35.9
Cardiovascular disease
 Myocardial infarction or angina39.346.732.338.9
 Heart failure29.341.413.3*66.8*
  1. P-value * < 0.05; ** < 0.01; *** < 0.001
  2. 1 Results adjusted for sociodemographic variables (sex, age, area of residence, marital status, education level, dwelling, socioeconomic position, working status) and mental health status, and current lifestyle characteristics (portions of fruit/vegetable per day, days of physical activity, doses of alcohol/day, and cigarettes smoked/day). a Analyses restricted to individuals that consumed alcohol in the last 12 months (n = 1881)
  3. b Analyses restricted to individuals that smoked in the last 12 months (n = 409)
  4. c Body mass index ≥30.0 kg/m2 based on self-reported information for weight and height