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Table 2 Participants of Focus Group Discussion’s Characteristic

From: The role of primary healthcare physicians in violence against Women intervention program in Indonesia

CodeInstitutionSexExperience in VAW (years)
Focus Group Discussion Participants
 R1PHC1Female> 5 years
 R2PHC2Female> 5 years
 R3PHC3Female> 5 years
 R4PHC4Female> 5 years
 R5PHC5Female< 5 years in the recent PHC
 CP1P2TP2AFemale> 5 years
 CP2P2TP2AFemale> 5 years
 CP3Women Crisis CenterFemale> 5 years
In-Depth Interview Participants
 DF6PHC6Female> 5 years
 PP6PHC6Female> 5 years
  1. R: Resource Person (Physician); CP: Confirming Person; DF: Physician from experienced PHC; PP: Program Coordinator from experienced PHC (midwife)