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Table 7 Primary and secondary outcomes

From: Design of the ZWOT-CASE study: an observational study on the effectiveness of an integrated programme for cardiovascular risk management compared to usual care in general practice

Primary endpoints
1. Systolic blood pressure
2. LDL-cholesterol
Secondary endpoints
1. 10-years cardiovascular morbidity or mortality risk (percentage) (Risk chart Dutch guideline or SMART)
2. Smoking status
3. Body mass index (BMI)
4. Lifestyle (modification) (smoking cessation, healthy food habits, physical activity, motivation for modification and awareness of received advices with respect to weight, food habits and physical activity in the past year)
5. Awareness of CVD and cardiovascular risk factors
6. Use of adequate medication (blood pressure lowering drugs, anticoagulants and lipid lowering drugs)
7. Morbidity (newly developed CVD)
8. Developed comorbidity (CVD, diabetes mellitus, COPD, heart failure, atrial fibrillation)
9. Mortality
10. Primary treating practitioner (GP or medical specialist)
11. Health care consumption in the past year
12. Self-management in the past year (patient knowledge, skills, and confidence in managing one’s health and healthcare) (Patient Activity Measure (PAM))
13. Self-measurements of blood pressure in the past year
14. Patient satisfaction regarding the provided care in the past year Patient Reported Experience Measure (PREM)
15. Quality of life (EQ-5D and SF-12)
16. Anxiety and depression (Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale (HADS)
17. Cost-efficiency (iPCQ)
  1. * HIS = general practice information system